Abu Dhabi Laws & Regulation Guidelines – Code of Practice

1.0 Hazardous Materials

2.0 Management of Asbestos Containing Materials

3.0 Lead Exposure Management

4.0 PPE

5.0 Occupational Noise v3

6.0 Vibration

7.0 First Aid Medical Emergency Treatment

8.0 General Workplace Amenities

9.0 Workplace Wellness

9.1 New and Expectant Mothers

9.2 Managing Work Related Stress

10.0 Rehabilitation and Return to Work

11.0 Safety in the Heat

12.0 Prevention and Control of Legionnaire Disease v3.0

13.0 Violence in the Workplace v3.0 English

14.0 Manual Handling and Ergonomics

14.1 Manual Task Involving the Handling of People

15.0 Electrical Safety

16.0 OSH Requirements for People with Special Needs

17.0 Safety Signage and Signals

18.0 Employer supplied accomodation General Requirements

18.1 Temporary Employer supplied Accomodation

19.0 Occupational Food Handling and Food Preperation

20.0 Safety in Design Construction

21.0 Permit to work systems

22.0 Barricading of Hazards

23.0 Working at Heights

24.0 Lock Out Tag Out

25.0 Driver Fatigue Prevention

26.0 Scaffolding

27.0 Confined space

28.0 Hot Work Operations

29.0 Excavation Work

30.0 Lone Working and_or in Remote Location

30.1 Working in International Location

32.0 Working on over adjacent to water

33.0 Working on or adjacent to a road

34.0 Safe use of lifting equipment and lifting accessories

35.0 Portable power tools

36.0 Plant and Equipment

37.0 Ladders

38.0 Concrete placing equipment

39.0 Overhead and underground services

40.0 False work Foam work

41.0 Steel Erection

42.0 Pre-cast construction

43.0 Temporary Structure

44.0 Traffic Management and Logistics

45.0 Underwater activities

46.0 Underground construction

47.0 Construction of water walls

48.0 Spray Finishing

49.0 Compressed Gases and Air

50.0 Abrasive Blasting and Associated Proactive Coating work

51.0 Powered Lift Trucks

52.0 Local Exhaust Ventillation

53.0 OHS Management during Construction work

53.1 OSH Construction Management Plan

54.0 Waste Management

Fire Extinguishers

Installations Fire Law

Laws & Regulation Guidelines

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