Laws & Regulations Guidelines – Dubai Municipality Health and Safety Department

Recyclable Waste Materials

 Transportation and Handling of Hazardous Waste in the Emirate of Dubai

DM HSD Law Disposal of Hazardous Wastes

Usage of Rope Access System

Safe Use of Ladders

Mobile Access Towers

PPE – Foot Protection – Arabic Language

PPE – Hand Protection

Occupational Health and Safety Kitchen Food Areas

Examination and Certification of Boilers and Pressure Vessels

Liquified Petroleum Gas Cylinders

Requirements of Controlling Noise at Entertainment Areas

PPE – Eye and Face Protection

PPE – Hearing Protection

PPE – Protective Clothing

PPE – Head Protection

Mobile Elevated Work Platforms

Ideal Salon Technical Guideline

Laundry related activities compliance

Entertainment Establishments Compliance

Labor Accommodation Compliance

Cleaning and Disinfection in Residences may be exposed to infected person

Accreditation of Cleaning Disinfection Companies in Built Environment

Cleaning Disinfecting Childcare Nurseries Premises

Safety Signs at Work

Ventillation in School Classes

Physical Barriers Separating Students in Educational Facilities


Health and Safety Community Guidelines

Laws & Regulation Guidelines

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