Laws & Regulations – Abu dhabi Ports

1.1 Permit to Work General Application

1.2 Method of Statement

1.3 PTW Risk Assessment

1.4 Confined Space Entry

1.5 Electrical Energy Isolation

1.6 Excavation

1.7 Hot Work

1.8 Oversize Load

1.9 Working at Height

1.10 Work with ESD or Fire and Gas Detection System

2.1 Permit to Work General Application

2.2 Method of Statement

2.3 PTW Risk Assessment

2.4 Confined Space Entry

2.5 Hot Work

2.6 Working at Height

2.7 Bunkering Lube Oil Sludge Bilge Transfer

2.8 Diving

2.9 Working Overwater

2.10 Vessel Underwater Cleaning

2.11 Immobilization of Engine or Propellers Trial Alongside

2.12 Chipping Painting Sand Blasting

3.1 Incident Report

3.2 Incident Investigation

3.3 Initial Witness Statement

4.1 Incident Report

4.2 Incident Investigation

4.3 Initial Witness Statement

5.1 Contractor HSE Capability Assessment

7.1 Annual Pass Form

7.2 Short Term Pass Form

7.3 Introductory Statement Form

7.4 Port Photography Permit

7.5 Equipment Entry Exit Form

Waste Service Request (WSR) FORM A

Waste Service Request (WSR) FORM B

Waste Service Request (WSR) FORM C

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