HSE Reference – Post Diploma in Nuclear Power Plant Engineering Safety and Technology

IAEA Safety – Application of the Concepts of Exclusion, Exemption and Clearance

IAEA Safety – Classification of Radioactive Waste

 IAEA Safety – Conduct of Operations at Nuclear Power Plants

 IAEA Safety – Fundamental Safety Principles

 IAEA Safety – Management System for Facilities and Activities

 IAEA Safety – Management System for Nuclear Installations

 IAEA Safety – Predisposal Management of Radioactive Waste

 IAEA Safety – Preparedness and Response for a Nuclear or Radiological Emergency

 IAEA Safety – Radiation Protection and Safety of Radiation Sources

 IAEA Safety – Safety Assessment for Facilities and Activities

 IAEA Safety – Safety of Nuclear Power Plants Commissioning and Operation

 IAEA Safety – Safety of Nuclear Power Plants Design

 IAEA Safety – Site Evaluation for Nuclear Installations

Commissioning of Nuclear Power Plants – Training & Human Resource Considerations

Probabilistic Risk Assessment for Nuclear Power Plants

Progress of Nuclear Safety for Symbiosis

Sustainable and Safe Nuclear Fission Ene

Grimsby Incident Summary

Hahnville Incident Summary

Hamlet Incident Summary

Humber Incident Summary

Lac Megantic Incident Summary

La Porte Incident Summary


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