Month: May 2022

Access & Egress for an Off-shore Oil Rigs

There are two commonly used ways to access/egress an offshore rig, there are Helicopter Fixed crane of the rig Now, this is dependent on the individual’s designation for which means of access/egress will be utilized. High priority designation would utilize the helicopter, and all other designations will take a Platform Supply Vessel (PSV) by sea….

Lone Worker Safety

What is Lone Working? Occasions may arise that, at times, workers in an organization may have to work alone. The UK Health and Safety Executive defines lone workers as: “Lone workers are those who work by themselves without close or direct supervision.” Who can be termed a lone worker? Any worker who is working alone…

The Psychology of Driving

The question in our mind is why accidents happen. Is it due to reckless driving? There are many reasons why accidents happen; it may be due to our previous experiences, perceptions, emotional tendencies, and, finally, our driving habits.

Mental Health to Survive a Pandemic Situation

The word “Pandemic flu” became a rage in late 2005. But how different it’s from the usual word Epidemic, the more common disease term in use.

Thermal Comfort Conditions for the Workplace

Thermal comfort is a person’s perception, so how they feel is related to the temperature and air quality of a space. An example of this is feeling too hot or too cold.