July 15, 2022

World Youth Skills Day 2022

Transforming youth skills for the future in Health & Safety

One of the budding sectors for youth employment is Occupational Safety and Health. However, there are still a lot of gaps between the industrial requirement and people’s awareness and skills in this field. Hence on this day, i.e., “World Youth Skills Day 2022 – Transforming youth skills for the future in Health & Safety,” declared by the USA. This blog is dedicated to raising awareness among Youth regarding skills required to be successful in INDUSTRIAL HEALTH AND SAFETY.

History of Health & Safety: –

From the far corner of the world, Britain, in the midst 1700’s industrial revolution begins. Since then, millions of people are getting killed due to work-related matters in all kinds of industries. In this whole scene, ILO (international labor organization) Press release, 17 September 2021 estimates that Almost 2 million people die from work-related causes each year. Most of these injuries and ill-health issues can be prevented by taking suitable actions and by creating awareness among people about Occupational Health & Safety matters.

To the people who is not aware of “What is Occupational Safety & Health”, here is the answer –

OSH – Occupational Safety & Health is the Protection of people from Health & Safety related issues from any given Workplace.

Here, the role/s of a person who can look after and guide the industries in terms of OSH matters for the betterment of worker’s health and safety, called them with one of the below roles,

  • Occupational health and safety officer
  • Occupational health and safety coordinator
  • Occupational health and safety hygienist
  • Occupational health and safety engineer
  • Occupational health and safety nurse
  • Occupational health and safety executive
  • Occupational health and safety consultant
  • Occupational health and safety training Specialist
  • Occupational Safety and Health Specialist
  • Coordinator of Loss Control
  • Occupational Safety and Health Manager
  • Risk Manager
  • Loss Control Manager
  • Environmental Engineer
  • Safety Director
  • Vice President Safety and Health
  • Hazard Control Specialist
  • Environmental Safety Engineer
  • Injury Prevention Specialist
  • Corporate Safety Director
  • Safety Compliance Officer
  • Product Safety Engineer
  • Risk Control Specialist

Youth must be improving their skills regarding Health & Safety not only for Industrial purposes but as a citizen living in current society, the danger due to the industrial activities are quite high and frequent.

Some of these skills include

Observational skills – This is one of the vital skills in identifying the danger around us by using all the senses, observing, and watching things and people around. For example, A man observing the road about the moving vehicles while crossing the road.

Training skills – Ability to deal with different mindsets to deliver training at the workplace. Understanding the requirement and delivering the training to make others understand it. For example, Toolbox talks, instructions passing to workers about the workplace dangers and safety protocols after understating them in detailed.

Analytical skills – From detailed observation, a person’s ability to analyze the workplace risks by prioritizing them, suggesting suitable controls & organizing different roles & responsibilities. For example, according to the workplace, a person must be able to risk must be analyzed by a Risk assessment process.

Leadership skills – A good leader is who can lead the teams by respecting, supporting, believing, communicating, motivating, consulting always, & listening to their teammates, and inspiring with their work culture. For example, always available for meetings & showing up to work on time.

Personal development skills – As a person, one must investigate their own areas to improve, as every individual is unique. Personal development skills involve their self-esteem, mental fit, social communication & connections, spiritual, emotional, & physical. For example, an individual working with a disabled worker, how as a person connects with that person with all the above dots.

Teamwork – One of the effective skills that a person can learn is to work along with other diversified groups by understanding work culture. For example, a project cannot function successfully if any one person/team does not perform.

Youth must be educated by creating awareness campaigns and developing & introducing courses about Health & Safety by the international, national, and local government firms, educational institutions, & consulting firms.

It’s not hard for Youth to acquire these skills only if they come out of the perception that its rocket science. Even they can relate this with a 6-year-old kid learning a bicycle without knowing the vast and great engineering, toughness in balancing, & behind the design and its functioning.

The number of requirements in Health and Safety far exceeds the amount of skilled people in this field. This was also one of the factors for the industrial accidents. Hence, Youth must also proactively approach this field by acquiring the required skills and education to fill these gaps.

Article written by:

Veldhi Sai, HSE Trainer / Consultant, Green World Group – Dubai

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