HACCP & Essentials of Food Safety – Brilliance at PRP Basics

This Video is continuation of HACCP & Essentials of Food Safety Webinar conducted by Green World Group with Mr. Aloysius G. Pasion – Food Safety Manager and Quality Pillar Lead, Nestle’ MENA, Middle-East & Africa. For better understanding, read our previous article, HACCP & Essentials of Food Safety – Introduction.

Video Transcription

Brilliance at the PRP Basics

PRP is a basic foundation. If you don’t have your period of exit programs strongly in place, no matter how strong your HACCP Program. Your food safety management system would fail. So PRP is a foundation. It is a pillar of your food safety management system.

So if you don’t have this strongly in place, or you’re not brilliant in the implementation of your PRPs, your quality system and your food safety management system will. So we start and we need to be brilliant at the basics.

Let’s now talk on brilliance at the PRP basics

So brilliance of the basics means that we need to have PRP, which is the basic conditions or activities that is necessary to maintain food safety. So in this production program, there is a lot that you need to implement, but I would just try to highlight those that is mentioned in ISO 22000.

So, basically PRP’s are supporting successful implementation of HACCP Program and therefore have an impact on end product safety. And these are needs to be implemented starting a HACCP study.

“I have seen companies where they have HACCP studies, but when you verify the PRPs; it’s not been verified. It’s not even strongly in place and it’s not even proven that it is effective. So what happens the food safety management system or that has just some crumbles”

May 19, 2022
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